My Friends’ Cute Picture

A. This was My Friends picture when I was in Elementary School, in subdistrict  Borong, East Manggarai, Flores, NTT

B.  My Little Friends when I was in my Hometown..

C. my Best Pet..

D. My Friends when I was in Senior High School,  in Yogyakarta , at SMA UII

my friends picture and my teacher

E. This was My Friends and I, went to the the Fitness place to know same tool there.

the one fitness place in Yogyakarta


Friendsa beautiful ladies

F. This was  picture when my Friends and I joined scout at Pramban

my team of Scout

G. my Friends and I won a Kite competition

cahayu, my teacher and trisna

H. this my friend and I when Join Poem Competition..

my Friends the won in the poem competition

i. this was a scout in my school, was very happy night

scout event in my school

J. My Friends of Saman’s Group in Yogyakarta.


J. this was my first Performanced in the Earth Hours in tugu Yogyakarta

K. this was my picture when i joined Debate English Yogyakarta

L. this my Group of Competition Debate

we were introduce each other with another school.

K.  this was my picture when we Graduated from Senior High School

all of my Teacher in Event of My graduated of Senior High School

L. this is my frinds in University Muhammdiyah Of Yogyakarta in English Education Department


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