How To Interview foreigner

This is the Example of Student after finishing Interview Foreigners 🙂

this is the example of student who interview Foreigner :-)
this is the example of student who interview Foreigners 🙂

You really want to know more the process or the steps that make them come to Indonesia. These are some kinds of Question for Interview Foreigner, namely:
1. Where do you know about Indonesia?
2. Why do you prefer to come to Indonesia?
3. What did you use to come to Indonesia?
4. Do you have any job or holiday or something else to come to Indonesia?
This is the rule how to interview:

  1. You should use “Greeting”

For example :
1) Good morning
2) Good Evening,
3) Good Day
4) Good Afternoon
5) Good Night

2. Introducing yourself and your group

For example :
1) Hello or Hi, I would like to introduce myself to you, my name is….
2) And this is my partner, her/his name…….

3. Telling your school or your institution and your major

For example :
a) We are from…. ..
b) Our major is……..

4. Asking permission for interview first and giving your purpose like above.

a) Do have a time for us?.
b) We would like to interview some question….
Here it is some example of material that you would like to interview :
1. Where do you came from?
2. What do you think of Indonesia before your visiting)
3. How long have you been in Indonesia??
4. How long have you planned to stay here?
5. Why are you here in Indonesia? Why did you choose Indonesia? What thing did you know about Indonesia life,culture, sport, food before coming??
6. Who are you with?
7. What places have you already been to?/ What place do you already know about?
8. What do you like most of Indonesia?
9. What is the food that you enjoyed most (or you would like to try)?
10. Are Indonesia too different to the people in your country? Which way?
11. What do you think about bullfighting?
12. What do you miss from your country?
13. Are you planning to stay, would you visit Indonesia again? Why?
14. What do people think in your country about Indonesia?
15. Would you live here? If yes, why?? And if not, Why??

Good Luck For You 🙂


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