I am Trisna from Florest, I don’t know why in this era there are still many people who desn’t know about Florest, it is because they did not study in map or because their teacher did not show them in the map? I don’t know why?
At the first time, I come in Yogyakarta, because I wanted to continue my study here. Yeah …. you know that at the first time, when I entered my first class of Senior High School, we should introduce our self in front of our teacher and our friend.
When my friends introduced their selves, I understood about their city, but substantively, I do not know their province. For example: they are from Jepara, they are from Cilacap, they are from Palangkayara, Bandung, Yogyakarta, Jakarta, etc .. Yeaaah this was when I was in senior high school. But now I have known all of that because I always ask them. You have to Remember guys “ Malu bertanya sesak di jalan” so, if you do know about something, you have to ask, it will help you.
The last was my turn, when I introduced myself, They confused and they directly ask me where is that your village?. You know that only me in the class that they asked me directly. Yeahh.. with a smile cute I answered them. “ I am from Flores , and the Flores in East Nusa Tenggara ( NTT)” .
“ ohhhhh so are near Island Komodo” one Of my friend say that. But, in the other hand, I was happy, because they knew about Komodo England.
“ HHAHAHHHAHHHAHAHAHHAHAHA “ all of them laughed together.
“ yeahhh…. that right, that is the best tourism place in my village . But, I am not near the Island komodo, Island Komodo is in the Labuan Bajo, but I am in the Borong, and it is so far from my village. Both of the include in Florest in East Nusa Tenggara. I need one day to go there” all of them only say “ohhhhh, while shaking their head. I did know they understand or not, and I did not care about that, the important is I have told them.


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