discussion text

Dating is a two people, women and boy feel falling in love each other. Is it good for young people? In one decision dating is a good, but in another hand there are negative decisions.
The positive think of dating with someone are we can know each other and also try women to adaption with the boy before they get merry. It can make spirit to study. Especially for the women. For example, the woman wants to keep spirit study because she wants to be smarter than him. Moreover, the women wants to keep beautiful style because she wants to the man always love her. On the other hand, the woman wants to change her habit. For example she used to take a bath one times in a week, but she start to take a bath three times in a day. She starts to make up her face. Furthermore, we can share each other, help each other about study. And also dating makes live more colorful.
But on the other hand, there are a lot of effects of dating. For example, they are feel jealous each other when they make a steady far distance. Because of jealous, so they feel broken heart and they become break. Consequently, the pity is the women, because when the women break with the boy, the women loose concentration of studying, they can not do her usually activities it is because of she thinks about the man. On the other hand, they want to always kiss and hug each other like a husband and wife. So it can make an evil action. Therefore, the pity is the women again, because when the women get pregnant with the boy, I am sure that the boy will not responsibility with her. Hence, the women get abortion or suicide herself
Thus, according to Islam’s religion, there is not dating, because dating will invite the evil to do something forbids. For this reason, in Islam’s religion only has introduction or called ( ta’aruf) to know each other without kissing and hug. It will be done when they get merry.
The summary, dating has two results. There are positive and negative to influence. Consequently, as a young people have to careful to make a date each other Moreover responsibility. Never run from your responsibility. Do what you want to do, but respond what you do.


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