When I was in a second senior high school, I was still did not know all of about English. Moreover, I was very shy because just only me could not speak English in my class. Furthermore, when I want to borrow my friend’s Alfalink, you knew, she did not let me borrowed it. At the time I did not know about Alfalink, so I asked my classroom who used to seat beside me, and she told me, “why did not you know about the alfalink, there was not in your village”. I answered was very slowly, “ yea, there was not, we used to dictionary”. I was very sad. But, at the time I was be to patient. Because I thought that I came here for studying not for shy. So, I keep my spirit because I remembered my parents.

At the time, there was seminar in my school that was about seminar to join an English course. So, I joined the seminar with my friend who used to help me every time. Her name is Riana. She was the one person that I knew when I was in Yogyakarta. She used to help me how to make a facebook and about computer.

The seminar was very interesting for me. Hence, I joined the English course. The name of the institutes’ course is JED ( Jogja English Dormitory). This was my first story that I joined a course. Because when I lived I never joined I kinds of course. Because I really want to know how to speak English and I really prove to my friends that I can. And I really they want to know if me from a village can also speak English like them.

Consequently, I joined the course. The first time, when I joined the course I was really did not understand what my teacher said, because he using English all of about the material. And I was very sad. Then, I speak to my heart, “I had paied to join this course and I was tired because I walked from my boarding house to come this course. So, if I just came here to keep silent what for, without asking, I was sure I would not know what the English is” so I have a intend to ask my teacher. So, when my teacher taught us, I still remembered he taught about simple present. I was really did not about the. My teacher explained all of about that, but I did not understand. So I asked my teacher from the first, at the time, I till called him using Pak not Sir because I had not known how to the best call. So I asked : “ pak, apa itu sinple present, dan apa itu subject dan apa itu tobe, dan apa itu object” (Sir, what is the simple present, what is the subject, what is the to be, and what is the object). But, my teacher did not answer directly my question, but he asking me,

“where you came from, and what class are you now” ?? I answered with a cried, I cried because I very shy who could not understand when my teacher taught. “I am from Flores and I was Second Senior High School, I said to him, that when I was junior high school, I did not study about that, I just studied how to translate a storyy or subject from the book, that my teacher taught us. So, about the tenses I did not know. So thats way I joined this course becouse i wanted know and i asked becouse i did not know, and also i had paied here” my teacher said be slowly, “ oke, you might not cry, I will help you to undertood this English, I am so sorry to ask you, but I like it because you had explore your unek-unek” it’s oke,Sir thank you for your attention ”terseduk-seduk


Thus, my teacher taught me again step by step until I understand very well. I was very sad at the time with my friend in a course because only me that did not understand well. So, step by step I joined the course while I was joining the course I was also staying to the it’s dormitory to improve my English because I thought that English would be better if we always speak with a partner.

Day by day, I joined the course every time, and I never to shy again if I want to ask question, because I get support to my teacher also, he said that if you want to ask question you just ask and I will answer it, and do not be shy anymore. So, because of that, when I joined the course I always ask when I did not understand well, I asked until I understand well.

For the reason, I could solve my problem, with I think my parents’ service who had help me to pay join the course. Moreover, I had attended to ask when I did not understand. And also because of I want to be smart than my friends that so stingy knowledge. Furthermore, I want to my live color full with a language.




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