My stories teach in Muhammadiyah Suryowijayan Elementary School.

 This was my first time that I wanted to teach in Muhammadiyah Suryowijayan on October 18, 2011. When the first time, I confused because I did not have any motorcycle to go there. But at the time, I had a friends, they are so kind with me, and they want to help me to look for the motorcycle.. I was so happy because I get the motorcycle. At the first time, I got in with Aiya. She is my classmate. She is so kind and cute person. Moreover, I get in with Ratna. She so kind person also. But in another hand, my friend who did not have motorcycle too

At 11.00 o’clock my friends and I had arrived there. Because we have to teach at 11.00 o’clock. Before we were  going to teach, our leader in my class had divide 8 group consist of four people each group. So, my groups consist of Ratih, Putri, Sani and Trisna. When we arrived there, we teach in class 1a, the children is very cute and beautiful and also handsome.


I was very nervous when I will enter the class, I was afraid because I never teach before. But I think that, this is my obligation to teach so I have to keep spirit and I should not afraid but I have to keep spirit. So, First time we teach about introduction to the children, and they very appreciated with us.


This was the second time
that we would teach in Muhammadiyah Suryowijayan Elementary School on October 25, 2011. Today we taught not in the class but we taught in library that they usually borrow books. Today we taught about pronunciation because we thought that they have not known. But today they so naughty and did not wanted to hear us. Additionally, they used to back out from class and we so confused. Sany my group, because she was annoyed so she talk with a big voice and all of the children keep silent but after that they made a ructions again, it was very annoyed (yeahh, we have to be patient because they are still kids). In the middle of lesson there was one student cried, I did not know why she cried, but when we asked her, she said that she would back home. (Hehhee., it was funny). So I asked Ratih to let her go, and also her mama had already pick her up.

            This was the third time that I taught in Muhammdiyah Suryowijayan Elementary School on November 1, 2011. Today we taught in library again. Sany and I came late because we had to wait a motorcycle. Actually, I get in with Nina, but at the time, she did not bring motorcycle moreover she did not tell me, so when i finished my lesson Mr.jati’s subject she tell me, so I hurried up to borrow Aya’s motorcycle, but my friend Caca she did not have a motorcycle. Actually Caca used to with Sidik, but Sidik had with Nina, so I have to wait caca to get motorcycle. At the last, there was Riska so we borrowed her motorcycle, and she let her to borrow it.

   Today, we taught about alphabet and how to pronunciation it. But because our class in library, they did not pay attention to us. Therefore, they played games Zombie in computer that is in library. We had been talkative, but they ignore it, so we just taught who wanted to study, yeah there were some students appreciate with us.

            This was the fourth time that I taught in Muhammdiyah  Suryowijaya Elementery School on November 15, 2011, today we taught  in a library again, because our class will be used by sixth class to study. Today our students are really enjoy with us and I think we had already got a connection with them, because they had already wanted to hear what we said, and they enjoyed to join our class, although there is any student that still obstinate, but we can overcame it. Today we still review about introduction and study about alphabet.

            This is the fifth time that I teach in Muhammdiyah Suryowijayan Elementery School, on November 22, 211.

Today I went to there by Ratna’s motorcycle, because I did not have a motorcycle. Like usually before we star our lesson I always said “Assalamualaikum wr..wb” moreover they enthusiast to replay my salam “waalaikum salam wr…..wb..” it very funny and nice.  Step by step they enjoy with us, and they also remember the previous lesson. But today we teach about count number and alphabet, because a lot of them still did not  know count from one until thirty and also pronunciation alphabet. They really enthusiast.

Just until here, I will continue this story the next post………..


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