Cell Phone For Children -_-

In globalization era, technology is more refined than in the past time. Consequently, technology provide an easy way to help human, from difficult work, became an easily. For instance, technology in the field of communication, called that cell phone. Today’s cell phone is too helping human to communicate in the far distance and there is no correspondence like in the previous day. Moreover, word more increase, even more cell phone more sophisticated also. Additionally, in the cell phones there are many complete facilities multimedia features, such as camera, video, mp3 and also internet. No wonder today’s cell phone is used by many people from children, adolescent until the ancient. Consequently, in this essay wants to tell the advantages and disadvantages cell phone for the children.
In the cell phone there are a lot of advantages. Specifically, the children know and understand about the technology in developing word. For example: in internet the children can study by watching video that can make them more attracted and also play games. Furthermore, the children can an easily to communicate in far distance with their friend, parents or teacher. Equally, According to (ibucintaanak.blogspot.com) play games as a learning tool such as train children’s fine motorist skill, when they press the keyboard of the cell phone. Train their persistence and concentration. Cognitive set learning is like how to memorize a symbols, direction, step of the games and the letter of the keyboard.
Although there are the support of the cell phone, but in the another hand there are the effect negative of the cell phone, it is about health, research from Professor Ancology at the university Hosptila in Swedan, named Dr.Lennart Hardel (www.melindohspital.com) he said that “the children who use cell phone before their age 20 years had 5 time higher likelihood suffering a gliomaor a type of brain cancer and tumor in tissue loss, compare with a people who are just starting to use cell phone after 20 years old. Furthermore, they play game, send or download, upload video, as well as their access to pornographic images or video, it is of course is very dangerous to the mental development of the children. Moreover, they lost concentration of studying, their achievement to decline, lazy to read book of their lesson, make the social jealous, lost economy of credit. Beside that, they reluctant communicate with their neighbor or their friends because of they always play game and listen music from the cell phone.
In a nutshell, the children need the cell phones also it has support by the advantage. But in the fact, benefit of the cell phone has not really understand perfectly by the children in the under age, the most is about the impact. So, the most important is the parents have to always check their cell phone with routine for their goodness. Beside that, the parents have to care also about their age when they use the cell phone and how much need the children want to use it, this of course for their health and mental development.

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